Land Information Systems Technical Support Expert

With the expanded scope of work and expected increase in land transactions for schemes where certificates of land hold title have already been issued, there is need for a strong technical presence at the Ministry to support the development and roll-out of the CB-FLTS that will ultimately contribute towards the provision of FLTS-related land administration services by MAWLR and the local authorities.

Under the overall supervision of the Section Chief of the Land, Housing and Shelter Section of UN-Habitat, or any authorized staff, and in collaboration with the STDM Technical Team, the consultant will perform the following tasks and responsibilities:

1. Fix any outstanding issues and incorporate minor enhancements in the relevant modules related to the initial registration of land hold title rights in the system.
2. Prepare a capacity development plan targeting the Ministry’s Land Rights Office (LRO) as well as the Deeds Registry and Survey and Mapping Directorates. This should build upon the recommendations of the capacity assessment study undertaken in 2019.
3. Implement the capacity development plan by developing training materials, videos and presentations as well as conducting awareness sessions and technical trainings to LRO and MAWLR teams on the use and administration of the CB-FLTS.
4. Document and provide technical guidance to the CB-FLTS Information Working Group (CIWG) on the design, formulation and adaptation of the FLTS business processes to be compatible with the expected digital workflows.
5. Translate use case narratives – for the initial registration, transfer and upgrade of starter title rights – to the equivalent Unified Modeling Language (UML) activity and sequence diagrams.
6. Translate use case narratives – transfer and upgrade (to freehold) of land hold title rights – to the equivalent UML activity and sequence diagrams.
7. Gather statistical and aggregate reporting requirements from the relevant stakeholders in the Ministry and translate them to system requirements. This will also include design, testing and deploying the reports in the system.
8. Liaise with the Senior GIS Developer in translating the UML diagrams to functional designs and testing the corresponding CB-FLTS modules for managing data and reporting on key indicators for the starter and land hold title rights.
9. Through the CIWG, present updates made to the various iterations of the system, coordinate the testing of system modules and compile issues and/or feature enhancements submitted by members of the group.
10. Undertake a detailed technical review of existing information systems at MAWLR – such as the Computerized Deeds Registration System (CDRS), Cadastral Information System – and provide recommendations on possible data integration points with the CB-FLTS.
11. Develop new and update existing technical documentation including the system specifications document, data model, end-user and system administration manuals, guidelines on data standards, knowledge base containing FAQs on technical issues etc.
12. Liaise with the UN-Habitat Regional Office in Africa (ROAf) and Office of the UN Resident Coordinator (RC) in Namibia to provide regular updates on the implementation status and contribute to discussions on potential linkages of the project to relevant programmes under the 2019 – 2023 UN Partnership Framework.

Work implies frequent interaction with the following:

Full job description:

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