Familiarize Yourself With Water Resources Management Rules

If your organization is engaged in WASH activities that involve any of the below, please familiarize yourself with the water resources regulations of Kenya which are implemented by the Water Resources Authority (WRA). These activities require permits from WRA.

The authority has today published a notice reminding the public and all stakeholders of their intention to enforce these rules (see notice below).

Water use activities that require approval by authority:
(a) Temporary abstraction for construction;
(b) Diversion of water from a water course;
(c) Abstraction from surface water;
(d) Diversion of a water course
(e) Abstraction from groundwater, either by a borehole or a shallow well;
(f) Groundwater recharge augmentation;
(g) Water storage in dams and pans;
(h) Effluent discharge being the disposal of waste into a water resource,;
(i) Swamp, marsh or wetland drainage;
(j) Obstruction of water;
(k) In-stream works;
(l) Mixing of waters from different water resources;
(m) Hydropower generation;
(n) Any other use determined from time to time by the Authority;


The water rules can be found on the authorities website on this link:

WRM Rules


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